Sharp 80

Command Summary

This information is incomplete and is being developed.

F1 will show on-screen help.

Running the Emulator

F8Start / Pause the emulator
F12Toggle Speed between normal (about 2MHz) and unlimited
Alt+XReset Button


Alt+EnterToggle Full Screen / Windowed Mode
F5Toggle the Z-80 Internal Display on and off


F3Show the Disk Management screen
F4Show the Tape Drive Management screen


F2Main Options

Advanced Commands

F6Select a memory location to Jump to
F7Set / Clear a breakpoint location
F9When paused, single step one Z-80 instruction at a time
F10Step Over the current instruction (such as a CALL)
F11Step Out of the current subroutine (pause at the next RET instruction)
Alt+IShow Z-80 Instruction Set as defined by the emulator
Alt+DDisplay real-time status of the floppy disk controller
Alt+PDisassemble the contents of RAM and save to file
Alt+Shift+PLike Alt+P, but starting from the current Program Counter